The Standby Power People

Pharos Generator Services

Pharos Generator Services (PGS) is a UK-based company with more than 60 years’ experience in the power generation industry. The company specialises in supplying, installing, commissioning, repairing and servicing diesel backup and emergency-power systems. Our company has worked with a diverse client base, including the Ministry of Defence, telecommunications giant British Telecommunications (BT), the British National Health Service, the British prison, police and fire services and facilities management companies. Our state-of-the-art engineering services and support have been mobilised to the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, electrical infrastructure and railway sectors.

Our services

Countries are attempting to edge closer to agreeing on legislation to scale back extracting fossil fuels. PGS has been actively researching and exploring new clean fuel technologies to complement the switch to renewable sources of energy. As an RSK group company, we will harness the collective experience of the wider group and expand our services to include renewable technologies and battery standby power. Many organisations are relying on diesel generators for backup power. Our ambition is to explore how renewables and battery storage could be an alternative in certain situations. This transition will position RSK and PGS as an established provider of backup power supplies, thereby enabling our expansion in the UK and abroad. Within RSK, we sit under its geosciences and engineering division.

Core service offering

Our services are divided into four specific subcategories, namely

  • Generators
  • High and low-voltage switchgears
  • Compressor systems
  • Fuel systems.
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Pharos Generator Services is part of the RSK group of companies

The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.