Pharos Generator Services (PGS) were tasked with the overhaul of a remote standing radiator at Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall. The Goonhilly satellite communications site, based on Cornwall’s Lizard peninsula, played a pivotal role in broadcasting the Moon landing in 1969 and is a prominent community and event space in Cornwall.


Project Summary

Due to the nature of the location of the earth station at Goonhilly, the placement of a remote standing radiator had been heavily affected by the weather and salt from the sea. Pharos Generator Services (PGS) were required to take the unit off-site to resize, rebuild and service the remote standing radiator. The unit was removed from service, lifted from the site at Goonhilly and a thorough evaluation was performed to determine the extent of repair needed. The process involved a full turnkey service, including refabrication and replacement of older parts, performed by PGS.

Once rebuilt and recommissioned, the unit was required to be moved 3-4 meters from its original location to protect it from future weather-related issues. The remote standing radiator was reinstalled onsite and returned to service, achieving the best possible outcome for the earth station at Goonhilly.



The overhaul of an existing unit provided several environmental and financial benefits. Despite previous weather-related issues, the remote standing radiator was still in good condition and the rebuild allowed for the unit to be recommissioned and returned to service at Goonhilly. Planned preventative maintenance will ensure that any future issues related to weather will be identified by experienced engineers year-round.


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New remote standing radiator returned to site at goonhilly.
New remote standing radiator returned to site at goonhilly new location.
Old remote standing radiator removed from site at goonhilly.