Pharos Generator Services knows that an efficient and in-depth fuel-management process is vital for robust standby power. We provide a complete turnkey solution that ensures all system needs are managed.

Refuelling is an essential component of such systems. It is essential that you have a trusted and reliable partner that can supply nationwide. We can supply various quantities, from small top-ups during service visits to medium refills (up to 1000 litres) using a towable fuel bowser through to large-scale refills via a tanker.

Understanding fuel condition is an equally important aspect. In addition to ensuring that your site has enough diesel, it is important to understand its condition. Because of the nature of standby generators, fuel may have been stored for long periods, leading to biodiesel bacteria growth. This can cause blockages to filter, injector and pumps.

Fuel management experts

We regularly carry out fuel sampling to check for the presence of water, sulphur and microbacteria. If any harmful contaminants are found, our services include diesel polishing, the uplift of old fuel, tank cleaning and replenishment in the event of it being too contaminated to save.

PGS also undertakes fuel polishing: a method of on-site work that will remove harmful contaminants and align your diesel with ISO levels of 18/16/13 or higher. Where possible, we offer this solution over disposal and refilling as it has a lower environmental impact.

PGS offers wide-ranging fuel tank replacement and upgrade packages. We have designed a range of solutions involving installing an integral fuel polishing unit and a new bunded tank. Pressed stainless steel pipework system work is undertaken by our specialised engineers, who are trained in Isotubi fuel systems that are guaranteed for 25 years.

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