When power failure occurs, your generator is a critical piece of equipment and is relied upon heavily. A load bank test is vital to maintain equipment and ensure that when generation is needed, it will respond accordingly by being dependable, operational and capable of taking the maximum design load. A generator must start and take loads immediately when the main power supply fails. This will ensure you minimise business activity downtime. And because your diesel-powered machine will be used infrequently, you need complete confidence that it will be fully operational without fail, despite being inactive.

What is load bank testing?

The process is essential to preventing issues that may lead to slowness or reduced generator functionality. The most common issue is wet stacking. This occurs when diesel generators are operated infrequently and/or are only subjected to light loads. Over time, soot and unburned fuel deposits build up in the exhaust system, leading to wet stacking. It can cause the generator to perform erratically or damage its internal workings. Accompanying analysis is useful in ensuring that these fuel and soot deposits are burnt off to reduce the risk of wet stacking.

A generator load bank test involves various assessments to ensure that it will operate to its optimal performance standard. It also ensures capability and battery autonomy, in addition to making sure that a generator’s primary components are working correctly under loaded conditions. Test components involve analysing oil pressure stability and investigating if the cooling system performs to the required standard. Results will determine if the machine overheats.

Pharos Generator Services recommends that these tests are conducted annually during a maintenance visit. Our mobile load banks can be brought to site and our engineers can test the generator safely in controlled conditions. Each load test is designed for each specific machine. We test the generator over a range of loads, monitoring and data gathering constantly for 2–4 hours. We have multiple sized load banks nationwide, from 2 kW–2 MW, to suit all applications.

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